Damages Modeling

The determination of financial damages may be the most important issue in a case, and therefore, damage computations are often heavily scrutinized.

Computing or contesting damages often requires an estimate of a party’s financial loss as a result of the actions of another. For example, lost profits or other economic losses may be a significant element of damages in financial disputes and lawsuits involving breach of contract, business interruption, intellectual property infringement, commercial transactions or wrongful termination.

By using historical financial data and applying our hands-on experience with business and personal financial consulting, our Business Litigation Advisory Services Group can produce comprehensive financial damage models that we explain and defend throughout depositions and testimony.

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Sean Saari HS 2019
Sean Saari


Litigation advisory services are highly specialized and require not only detailed and technically sound analysis, but also the capacity to devise practical solutions to difficult challenges and effectively communicate the results of the work performed. Our team does just that.

Sean Saari

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