HUD Compliance Services

Our real estate and construction group provides audit services to multi-family housing and elder care housing projects that go far beyond financial statement electronic submission.  We assist in budget preparation, rent increase requests, internal controls and compliance implementation, transfer of physical assets (TPA) and restructurings for our real estate and construction clients.

By actively participating in HUD compliance, we help our clients avoid limited denials of participation, suspensions and debarments. We are able to assist from HUD commitment through final endorsement and thereafter through the annual audits and routine review.

Our HUD services include:

  • Annual audit including major program, internal control and fair housing reports
  • Electronic submission of financial data
  • Mortgage or contractor cost certifications
  • TPAs and restructuring
  • Establishing and maintaining HUD compliance

Skoda Minotti is a member of the Affordable Housing Association of CPAs (AHACPA).

For more information about HUD compliance services at Skoda Minotti, please complete the form below or call 440-449-6800.

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