Owner Representation Services

When it comes to managing complex real estate matters for your business, are you equipped with the necessary resources to resolve challenges to your satisfaction? Strategic planning for construction projects and real estate development requires the dedicated attention of experts who understand the complexities of expanding, leasing, consolidating and acquiring real estate.

A qualified owner’s representative serves as the direct point of contact who will always make project decisions with your business’ best interests in mind. A true owner’s representative – without bias or conflict of interest – has the expertise you need to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your business.

Skoda Minotti’s Real Estate & Construction Services team offers dedicated owners reps who always start with the end in mind to find efficient, cost-effective solutions for your business.

Our services include:

  • Project planning
  • Lease versus buy analysis
  • Project team coordination
  • Project supervision from start to finish
  • Budgeting and financing with the business owner/ executive team

Our owner representatives bring extra value to business owners. We have the internal resources necessary to view real estate development and construction projects through many different lenses.

Let us answer your questions about owner representation or Real Estate & Construction Services, simply contact Roger Gingerich by completing the form below or call 440-449-6800.

Roger Gingerich HS 2019
Roger Gingerich


Our owner representatives bring extra value to business owners.

Roger Gingerich

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