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4 Tips for Creating Engaging Content

B2B marketers are creating more content now than ever before. With the influx of content being created, is your brand standing out and effectively engaging your audience? Here are four tips you can implement to ensure your company’s content is connecting with its readers:

  1. Tell a compelling story.

    Effective content marketers understand how to apply the key elements of journalism and storytelling to their content. Not only are they writing content, they are storytelling through various mediums. When you use the following key elements in your content strategy, not only can you connect with your audience, you can motivate them to take action:

    • Focus on your audience’s pain points and opportunities – not on your products and services. Tell your audience how you’ve helped current clients with the same (or similar) pain points. To your audience, this is a compelling story because it resonates with them.
    • Paint a picture. Don’t rely on words to captivate your audience, add visuals to help illustrate the key points in your story.
  2. Put the experts front and center.

    For B2B marketers, internal experts are corporate assets; they are the people your readers will look to and trust for advice and solutions to their problems. Use the experts you have at your disposal and amplify their knowledge. Your experts can often be unaware of the opportunities that they can bring to your business through the insights they can provide.

  3. Read.

    Staying up on industry updates will help you stay in touch with the needs of your audience. Read everything you can including: headlines, industry publications, trade publications, consumer trends, current events, fiction, non-fiction, etc. The most effective way for content marketers to understand which content trends are popular among audiences is by engaging with the trends firsthand. When you are creating content to share, place yourself in the audience’s shoes. How can your story be told and understood most effectively and how will your users engage with your content?

  1. Learn something new every day.

    Set aside “learning time” every day to stay fresh. Spend 15 minutes reading industry blogs and publications, and social media feeds. Staying on top of trends and dedicating time to learn every day will allow your brand, and the content you create, to stand out.

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