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4,000 Marketers From Around the Globe Can’t Be Wrong – State of Inbound 2015

Every year, HubSpot surveys thousands of the world’s foremost marketers and salespeople, both HubSpot customers and non-customers. They are asked about their most pressing priorities, the challenges they face, and the tactics they’ve used to meet those challenges head-on. They track respondents’ quantitative answers, collate and consolidate their anecdotal answers, and put the polished result into a master report: State of Inbound.

2015’s report doesn’t cover the emergence of inbound marketing as it has in past years — the principles are now well-entrenched. Rather, this year’s data begins to reveal why leaders lead and laggards lag. You’ll also find trending sales data that reveals how salespeople’s pressing challenges and priorities have shifted since last year, in addition to attitudes toward buzzworthy sales practices such as social selling.

The State of Inbound survey has always been comprehensive, but this year’s report is truly a global document, with more than 150 countries represented. The majority of the nearly 4,000 respondents are marketers who work for B2B SMBs, and only one-third have an affiliation with HubSpot. Half of the companies represented generate under $1M a year in revenue, and the other half generate over $1M.

This year, HubSpot has highlighted seven key takeaways from this report:

  1. Three out of 4 marketers across the globe prioritize an inbound approach to marketing.
  2. Both inbound and outbound marketers rank paid advertising as the #1 most overrated marketing tactic.
  3. Proven marketing ROI unlocks budget. But you have to be tracking ROI in the first place, which not everyone is doing.
  4. Leading marketers recognize that inbound is a long game. Both past success and past failure with inbound correlates with an inbound marketing budget increase.
  5. Inbound is the preferred marketing strategy regardless of company type. B2B, B2C, nonprofit — everyone’s implementing inbound tactics.
  6. Inbound campaigns achieve higher ROI than outbound. This holds true across different company sizes and budgets.
  7. Establishing a Marketing-Sales service level agreement (SLA) leads to higher ROI. The presence of an SLA also correlates with budget and staff increases.

We hope this report can serve as a roadmap for your organization’s entire approach to inbound marketing and sales in 2016. All data was gathered on the back half of 2015 to give as accurate a representation of the current industry landscape as possible.

To download the full report, click here.

To learn more about how you can improve your inbound marketing strategy, contact Bob Goricki at 440-449-6800.

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