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Are you having a hard time deciding what you should blog about? It’s sometimes difficult enough overcoming the age-old writers block, let alone deciding how to present helpful information in a way that will cut through the noise and actually intrigue people enough to read your article. It’s important that you find a way to stand out from the crowd and consistently keep your pen (or keyboard) flowing.

Good news! We found a fun tool that can help you do just that.

The BlogAbout blog title generator is a free online tool that sparks inspiration and ultimately provides you with interesting ways to craft blog posts. The tool allows you to rotate through overarching topics such as preparation, challenges, growth, and more, as well as dialed down title ideas with ease. When you find ideas that you like, save your favorites to your notebook and email them to yourself for later use.

An Example of How to Use the BlogAbout Tool

Let’s say I want to write a blog about CPA firm blogging. I could use BlogAbout to come up with options for headlines and article structures, such as:

  1. How You Know It’s Time To Start Business Blogging
  2. Weighing the Pros and Cons of Business Blogging
  3. Why Not All Business Blogs Are Created Equal
  4. One Blogging Tactic That CPA Firms Should Never Use
  5. 3 Steps for Putting Business Blogging Into Action

You can see that one area of expertise and general topic can be spun in countless different ways. Using the tool, I am forced to dial down the idea of blogging into creative avenues and very specific topics. Now that’s something to blog about!

You can find BlogAbout by visiting:

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