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A Common Cause for E-file Rejection is a Wedding Gift You Didn’t Register For: A New Filing Status

The hall is booked, the invitations have been mailed and the dress is perfect.  Each item is checked off of your list in your wedding planner.  There may be one more thing you forgot: did you change your name with the Social Security Administration?

In the Internal Revenue Service's eyes, even taxpayers that get married on the last day of the year can file either joint or separate tax returns.  So, along with your new spouse, you also have a change in filing status and a new last name.  Then you get a phone call from your tax preparer that your return has been rejected for E-filing.  Uh-oh, what did you do wrong?  

Most likely, you didn’t change your name with the Social Security Administration. This is one of the most common causes for E-filed tax returns to get rejected.  The Internal Revenue Service system matches your Social Security Number to the name listed on your tax return with the Social Security Administration’s database.  If they don’t match, your return is rejected.  To avoid this, you must change your name with the Social Security Administration.  For information on how to change your name with the Social Security Administration, visit and choose Name Changes (under Useful Links).

Have questions about changing your name with the Social Security Administration? Post a comment below or contact our Tax Planning and Preparation group at 440-449-6800.

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