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B2B PR Strategies: Determining Your Target Audience in Public Relations Planning

Public Relations Opportunity: Industry Publication ArticleSo far, we’ve discussed a few things:

  1. The Top Five Reasons Why Your B2B Company Should Have a Public Relations (PR) Plan
  2. How Does Public Relations Fit into a B2B Company's Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
  3. The Importance of Goal Setting in Your Public Relations Planning

Next, we’re going to talk about how you can (and should) target the appropriate audience through your public relations planning and efforts.

B2B PR Plan Element #2: Defining Target Audience

Even the most expensive PR and marketing efforts in the world would do little good if you were telling your story to the wrong audience. By determining your target audience, your PR planning and tactics should be much easier to define.

Basically, you want to determine who the people are that are most likely to buy from you. That way, you can choose to focus your money and messaging in ways that will reach them. You can simply ask yourself the question, “Who is my ideal client?” Or, you can use a couple tips and tricks to validate your thoughts:

  1. Use your current customer base. Who are your best customers? Which companies spend the most money with you? What industries are they in? What positions do they hold at their company? How much revenue does the company bring in on an annual basis? What publications and websites do they read? What other demographic trends can you gather?
  2. Use competitive research. Take a look at your competition and see who they’re targeting, how their messaging sounds, and what publications and sites are they visible in? If you think your product is comparable and should be in direct competition with theirs, or your goal is to get to that level, leverage the good ideas that others are already using.

Using the example I’ve mentioned in my past couple blogs; let’s say your company is focusing on creating awareness for five different niches within your business this year. That means there could be (at least) five different customer bases you could be targeting, assuming each niche services different audiences. And, the message you portray for each audience could be very different depending on each group’s hot buttons. Drilling down as many details as possible about each niche’s perfect prospect, you can choose targeted outlets (industry magazines, trade shows, guest blogging opportunities) where your message will reach the most qualified potential customers.

Lesson: Even if one niche has a very specific industry and target audience they typically work with, it’s possible for that group to have several target audiences. Using the same approach I mentioned in my last blog, you should challenge every idea and start planning process with the question, “What are our goals and objectives?” Maybe this group wants to reach current customers to increase the amount of money they currently spend with your company. Or, perhaps they plan on focusing efforts within that specific industry, but in a targeted geographical area. By determining what your goals and objectives are for each campaign, you can determine who you should be targeting and the best way to accomplish that.

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