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B2B PR Strategies: How Does a Public Relations Plan Fit into a Company’s Overall Integrated Marketing Communications Plan?

These days, the lines between public relations and marketing are incredibly blurred. It’s often hard to define whether a plan or tactic fits solely into one bucket or the other. More likely, is the fact that both PR and marketing efforts now reach across all communication buckets and that professionals should have a good understanding of how all of them work together.

It’s no secret, however, that traditional public relations tactics, although sometimes hard to define where they now fit, remain important pieces of a business to business (B2B) company’s integrated marketing communications plan.

Using an example I mentioned in my previous blog, “The Importance of Goal Setting in Your Public Relations Planning,” the marketing goals and objectives of a company this year focus on creating awareness for five individual niche practices. And, for one of those practices, the niche leader wants to focus efforts on a defined target audience this year. In order to do that, specific goals have been laid out; one of those goals is to pitch story ideas to industry-specific publications that reach that target audience.

So, how does a published article transcend into the bigger integrated marketing communications plan of the company?

Here’s an example:

  • Traditional public relations tactic: A PR professional uses an editorial calendar to pitch a story idea to a trade publication.
  • Relationship to integrated marketing communications plan: The traditional PR story that is pitched and published has marketing communication benefits well beyond the printed publications these days. In this example, the publication likely also posts stories to its website, and could link back to the company’s website, which would help with search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. The company who pitched the article could summarize and link to the story on the company blog, and share it on company social media accounts. It could be included in the monthly e-newsletter that is sent to clients and contacts. The published article could also be repurposed into a branded PDF that is sent to potential clients and used as a collateral piece.

Using this example, you can see how one traditional PR tactic quickly reaches into multiple other marketing communication efforts and mediums. With just this published article, it’s easy to realize the additional benefits, including a great collateral piece that positions the professional as an expert in their field, possible improvements to the company’s SEO, as well as excellent content for the company blog, e-newsletter and social media accounts.

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