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Before You Hit Send, Review Our E-Newsletter Checklist (Part One)

Before your next e-newsletter flies off into cyberspace, take a few minutes to review our e-newsletter checklist below. This list touches on some of the more important items that you’ll want to consider before you launch your next issue.

Email List Management

List management is an important part of any ongoing email marketing campaign. A better quality list should result in higher metrics such as open rate and click through rate.

  • Unsubscribes – If your email program does not automatically remove subscribers who asked to be removed from your list, take the time to do so manually. Failing to do so will increase your spam complaint rate, which may hurt your overall deliverability.
  • Hard bounces – A hard bounce indicates a permanent reason an email cannot be delivered such as an email address that no longer exists. If you email program does not automatically remove hard bounces, you should be removing these manually.
  • Add new contacts to your list – Don’t forget to make it a monthly (or more frequent) habit to add new contacts to your email list. These can include new customers or prospects that you’ve added to your database over the last month.

e-newsletter checklist


Your email template is only as good as it appears to the person receiving it. Keep that in mind before sending.

  • Mobile friendly – Mobile email opens are on the rise (in the 50% range), so your email needs to be mobile friendly. Recipients who need to perform “finger gymnastics” on their mobile devices are going to be less likely to interact with your content.
  • Images – Even though Gmail recently decided to allow email images through its filters, many recipients on other platforms may have their personal or corporate preferences set to block images on their emails. Thus, don’t rely solely on an image to communicate your message in an email. Make sure it is readable as text as well. One other note on images – ensure you’re not including high-resolution images in your emails. These will unnecessarily slow down your email load-time.

Email Send Setup

When setting up your email send, you’ll want to take into account your “first impression” when you arrive in your contact’s inbox.

  • Subject line – Spend a few extra minutes crafting a compelling subject line. It may be the difference in a reader opening your email or sending it straight to the recycling bin.
  • Personalization – If you choose to use personalization in your emails (such as Hello FIRST NAME), ensure that your database is up-to-date. First, you want to make sure that you have an entry in every column from which you are pulling personalization. Secondly, if your CRM allows you to use a “Goes By” type field, consider pulling that field for your personalization. Personalizing an email to Robert when your contact goes by Bob kind of defeats the purpose.

Check back for part two of our post on e-newsletter checklists where we will cover email layout and “after the send” checklist items.

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