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Before You Hit Send, Review Our E-newsletter Checklist (Part Two)

In case you missed it, here’s the link to part one of our e-newsletter checklist post, where I discussed email list management, templates, and send setup. Now on to some additional items to check off your list prior to your next send.

Email Layout

  • Links – Do a thorough review to ensure all of your links take users to the right place. And, once the visitor gets there, is there a relevant call-to-action that would encourage them to take the next step in the sales process or learn more?
  • Plain text format – Do you have a “plain text” version of your email for readers who don’t allow HTML emails? Most email programs will allow you to designate a plain text version before you send, so spend a few minutes to ensure all of your messaging is communicated without the aid of your images.
  • Proofread – This is an obvious checklist item, but that doesn’t make it any less important. One typo can put a real damper on an otherwise well thought out campaign.

After the Send

Once an email is out the door, don’t rush straight on to the next project. Spend a few minutes to analyze the effectiveness of your efforts and maximize your return on your email communication investment.

  • Click through rate – While open rate is another commonly used email statistic, it can be difficult to accurately measure due to how different email programs track an “open.” Click through rate (CTR), however, is a fairly straight forward indication of how invested recipients are with your content. You can also use this indicator to determine which of your content was most popular with your readers when planning future content.
  • Benchmarking for future sends – In addition to metrics like CTR, consider benchmarking your email sends so that you can improve in the future. Track the performance of your emails by looking at factors such as time of day sent, day of week sent and subject line.
  • Follow-up plan – Is there a plan in place to take full advantage of your email campaign? One example would be to select interested recipients (those who clicked on a particular link in your email) for a targeted follow-up email send at a later time.

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