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Blackberry Outages Outrage Customers

If you have a Blackberry device, last week was not a good week. Last Wednesday (October 12th), Research in Motion, the maker of Blackberry smartphones, informed subscribers in the Americas that they may experience “intermittent service delays”. From the reaction and feedback we received from many of our clients, I would say that’s an understatement.

The reason for the problem in the U.S. stems from the vast usage of Blackberry devices all over the world, and the backlog that has built up over time, according to David Yach, Vice President of RIM Software. Unlike other smartphones available on the market, all messages sent through a Blackberry device go through Blackberry’s encrypted servers for security. This is where the backlog occurred. 

This outage was so significant that it prompted RIM’s founder to publish a video on their website explaining the situation (, offering an apology. Blackberry has even begun offering free apps for angry users in response to the outage.

If you rely on your mobile device like so many of us do, this outage was unacceptable and damaging. On the heels of the new iPhone 4S release, this might be the last straw for many Blackberry users.   With a wide range of devices now being offered with the Android operating system, in addition to the iPhone, there’s probably an equivalent device on the market that matches the usability and functionality of the Blackberry you’ve become so fond of. (RIM has already struggled this year with fewer sales of the Blackberry against its rivals.)

From a technology perspective, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android-based phones synchronize natively with Microsoft Exchange servers (the defacto standard for email services for most small businesses). Neither of those operating systems rely on any “middleware” or services from the carriers or manufacturers. This reinforces the message we, at Skoda Minotti, have been promoting to our clients for the past several years … it’s time to say goodbye to RIM and the Blackberry. 

Don’t worry – you’ll learn to love your new phone, too.

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