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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Mobile Devices at Work

With the rapid advances in mobile technology, a new trend is emerging in both large and small companies: “Bring Your Own Device”. More and more companies (and corporate IT departments) are being asked by employees to allow access to corporate resources like e-mail, intranets, and collaboration tools via their own personal mobile devices. blackberry devices, cleveland technology services

People want to stay connected while out of the office – some do it out of necessity, and some to allow more personal time while still being productive at work. This trend has become a plus for employees, but introduces some real challenges for employers.

This trend is really being caused by significant advances in mobile technology. Rapid adoption is coming from the consumerization of IT – meaning that new technology is hitting the consumer sphere before getting to businesses. A great example is Apple's iPad, which is already gaining great traction in corporate America.

 To open the door for employees’ personal technology device of choice means companies need to open their networks and systems to outside access. This means that some network security has to be disabled or loosened.  This needs to be done with careful planning, and a strict set of company policies that all employees are informed of.

Companies that understand how to effectively build “Bring Your Own Device” policies, however, can empower employees to be more creative, efficient and productive. 

A recent survey conducted by research firm, 451 group, found 71.2 percent of businesses asked were allowing personal devices to be used for work. Another survey conducted by Symantec say that 91 percent of employees surveyed said their employers allow them to use their work devices for personal use, but only 51 percent of those said their employer has communicated policies or best practices to them regarding security.ipad, mobile devices, cleveland IT services

In summary, businesses can gain major advantages by allowing their employees to use their own devices at work. It can save the company money, limit IT resources (because employees will already know how to use their device), and give employees more flexibility. Communicating very specific policies about what devices you’ll support, how they are to be used, and what the company’s responsibilities are when it comes to support and troubleshooting are all critical factors in ensuring success.

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