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Build Your Brand as an Employer

What comes to mind when others think about your organization? What are you known for? It’s difficult to recruit and retain top talent without first building a strong and consistent company brand. Employer branding is about conveying an authentic and compelling experience, to candidates and employees alike, and living these values on a consistent basis.

Here are five considerations for building a strong brand.

Differentiate Yourself

What sets you apart from your competition? Your brand is about much more than the salaries, benefits or other incentives you might offer. What is it like to work for your organization? Is it your working environment? Your approach to work-life balance? Something else, perhaps? Employer branding is about effectively communicating your organization’s values, personality and culture to create your specific brand.

Core Values

Your core values collectively serve as a compass of sorts. They tell internal and external audiences what you believe in as an organization—how you view your employees, your customers and your communities. Core values should be shared and communicated consistently and effectively to key stakeholders, employees, candidates and potential recruits. Make certain that your actions are consistent with your core values; if the perception of your organization does not align with your employer brand core values, you’ll need to address the inconsistencies, or they’ll negatively impact both the internal and external perception of your company.

Let Your Employees Do the Talking

Hands down, your employees are your chief brand ambassadors. What your employees say about your organization goes a long way toward building (or dismantling) your brand. If you say that you care about work/life balance, be prepared to back it up with actions that your employees feel good about sharing. If you want to be known for being innovative and spontaneous, delight your employees with the unexpected.

Social Media

Communicating brand experience is a click away. Take advantage of digital tools to manage and promote the messages that reinforce your brand promise:

  • Build and maintain a LinkedIn company profile
  • Share posts about your company culture on outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; engage your employees to post about company events (be sure to review your social media policy first)
  • Keep your website updated, relevant and timely, especially your Careers website, for a compelling job candidate experience—that includes a mobile-optimized site!
  • Make it easy for your employees to share messages on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages


Be sure to continue your brand story as you orient new employees to your organization. This is a great time to reinforce your brand messages as your new hires become brand advocates. Even later, every employee needs to be reminded about why they joined your organization in the first place. The best employer brands recognize that the needs of their workforce will change over the years, and they adapt accordingly.

Building, maintaining and promoting a strong employer brand will position your organization as a good employer and a great place to work. Done right, it will go a long way toward recruitment and retention efforts, and it also will help to boost the market perception of your company.

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