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LinkedIn’s New Look: An Overview of Recent Changes to the Site

Over the past month, you may have noticed a few changes to LinkedIn. Two of those are great news for marketers and businesses; the third just requires a change in process.

What’s New?

Targeted Status Updates

When determining appropriate marketing strategies, the target audience is obviously a key component. LinkedIn’s new Target Status Updates feature allows companies to fine tune the target audience by sharing status updates with followers who are more likely to find value in them. While you can still share an update with all followers, you also have the option to target by company size, industry, function, seniority, and geographic location. As you hone in on your audience, LinkedIn will keep a running tally of how many followers you’re reaching. One thing to keep in mind here is that they won’t let you send an update to less than 100.

Enhanced Statistics

LinkedIn also recently added a Follower Statistics section, giving company page administrators more information on who follows them and what content those followers are interacting with. The Follower Statistics tab looks at total followers, new followers, how frequently and in what ways followers have interacted with your content, and follower demographics.

Although not as new, the Page Statistics tab still offers valuable information including page views (overall and by section), page visitor demographics and information on unique visitors.

What’s Different?

Up until recently, LinkedIn and Twitter have had a relationship that allowed posts from LinkedIn to be posted to Twitter and vice versa. As of last month, though, this is now a one-way street – users can choose to have their LinkedIn status post to Twitter but tweets no longer flow through to LinkedIn. Since information can still be posted to both sites at one time, this isn’t a huge issue – one thing to keep in mind, though, is that LinkedIn status updates can be up to 600 characters while tweets can only be 140; if you want your whole message to display on both sites, stick within that 140-character limit.

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