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Cloud Services Your Company Should Consider: Hosted Desktop (The Webtop)

iPad.  Galaxy S3.  iPhone.  Nexus.  Windows Phone 8. Droid Incredible.  Galaxy Note. Kindle Fire.  iPad Mini. 

These devices have become staples for businesses of all sizes.  As people become increasingly comfortable with the devices they use for recreational and personal use, it is beneficial for businesses to find ways to effectively integrate those “personal” devices into the workplace.  And, with many employers embracing “Bring-Your-Own-Device” policies (allowing their employees to use their personal SmartPhone or tablet), creating a consistent computing environment that works across all platforms can be a serious challenge for business owners and IT professionals.  This becomes an even more daunting challenge when custom application or line-of-business applications are added to the equation.

With a variety of devices and operating systems in use, supporting and training users becomes more and more difficult, too – especially as technology advances at a rapid pace.  Just as important, business owners should be concerned about employees saving the company’s confidential data (business files, email, etc.) on personal devices.

How are companies solving these issues?

Enter the “webtop.”  A webtop is a hosted desktop, or virtual version of your desktop, (usually through a Windows desktop operating system), that provides online access to all of the applications your employees need, and that can be accessed from almost any device with an Internet connection.  A webtop centralizes and hosts your company’s applications and data at a secure data center, and gives employees access to that data through a secure connection, ensuring that data remains off of your employees personal devices, and on a central server.

Utilizing a hosted desktop can also extend the life of computers and laptops, and lower the cost of devices in general, as devices that access a webtop environment do not typically require the space or resources they would need when running applications locally.  Another advantage to the webtop environment is that it completely eliminates the need for a business to have servers at their office location.  This can reduce or eliminate server upgrade costs, while ensuring email, applications and data are always available, regardless of what’s happening at the office.

For more information about hosted desktop solutions for your business, contact Brian Rosenfelt with Skoda Minotti Technology Partners by calling 440-449-6800.

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