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Content Marketing: 5 Things Your B2B Company Should Be Doing in 2012

Content marketing has turned into one of the most important things, in a marketing-sense, that you can do for your business. It is a practice which focuses on engaging and communicating with your customers or future prospects to sell the brand of your organization.

Content marketing is more appealing to your customers and potential prospects when the message is based on them and their needs.  If the content you are sharing is not relevant or valuable to them, why would they care to engage in it? Furthermore, one needs to portray this valuable information in a way that is appealing and grabs their attention.

According to a recent report, there are five things that every B2B marketer should be doing in 2012:

1. Designate a Content Curation Team

It is important to have a content marketing curation team within your organization.  Their primary focus is not just managing information, but more so concentrates on strategically and creatively developing new ideas with a variety of tools, yet still insuring the main focus of your brand.

 2. Deploy All Content As Social Content

Today, the Internet is the main tool consumers utilize to gather information. They have the options of reading, listening and watching the information that is being provided to them.  As content marketers, we need to format this information in a way that consumers can easily navigate through, absorb, engage and share with others.

 3. Produce a Video Every Day

Posting videos is a smart tool when it comes to content marketing and the Internet.  More than 70 percent of U.S. Internet users watch videos online, so we recommend that your organization post a new video every day whether it be a long formed story, or a 30- second tease.  These videos can link to your direct site or venture off to sub-pages, or other relatable sources to your page, such as LinkedIn.

 4. Seize the Opportunity Lying Between Mobile Advertising and Mobile Content Consumption

Another great tool that should be acknowledged is the use of Smart Mobile Phones.  Not only is providing content for Smart Phones a good idea, but this is also a good opportunity for you to provide advertisements.  However, when advertising, it is important to strategically plan the use of this format, i.e. what kinds of ads will acquire the most use, and in what direction do you want these ads to point your consumers in?

 5. Prepare For “Transmedia” Content Marketing In 2013

Finally, a successful organization always concentrates on the past, present and, above all, the future. Content marketing is the main focus of 2012, and in 2013 it will evolve into transmedia.  Transmedia content practices developing large ideas or stories and then breaks it down into discrete segments.  Transmedia will utilize all of your tools and channels; video, web, print, audio and social conversation. Practicing transmedia will encourage deeper engagement and involvement amongst your audience. 

Click here to read the full report on the importance of content marketing in the B2B world.

If you have questions or want to discuss how content marketing can help your organization, contact our content marketing services group by leaving a comment below or by calling 440-449-6800.

This content is based off of Why Content Marketing is Changing the CMO Mandate. Eccolo Media, Inc. Vol.1 No.1, January 11, 2012.


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