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Does My Website Design Need Updated?

Right off the bat, I’d say if you are asking that question, then the answer is probably yes.  But in the interest of posting a blog that is longer than one sentence and that provides some actual value, I’ll elaborate further. 

Think, for a moment, about how you prepare for a first meeting with a prospective customer.  If you’re serious about getting someone’s business, you’ll probably log some prep time researching your prospect’s company in an effort to appear knowledgeable about their business. For the meeting, you’ll don your best suit along with a smartly pressed shirt and tie so as to appear professional. Upon being introduced, you’ll offer a firm hand shake and thank them for the opportunity to meet.  During the meeting, you’ll ask intelligent open-ended questions and then listen intently to the answers.  And, the reason you do all of these things is simple: you want to make the best first impression possible on behalf of your company.

Your website is no different.  It, too, has to be capable of providing a great first impression for your company because, more often than not, when people are curious about your company, the first thing they do is visit your web site.

So, you need to ask yourself:

  • Does my website properly greet and introduce my company in an appropriate and representative manner?
  • Does my website give my customers, prospects, referral sources, potential employees, etc. the perception that my company is a leader in its market space?
  • Is all the relevant information someone needs to know about my company provided in a clear, intuitive manner that is easy to find? 
  • Have I provided enough of the “right” information for prospective customers to conclude that they should take the next step in the sales process (i.e., a phone call, online purchase, in person meeting, etc.)?
  • Have I provided an appropriate call to action that streamlines the next step in the sales process?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no,’ or ‘I’m not sure,’ you should probably consider some kind of upgrade to your website.

Click here for a free no risk assessment of your website, or to simply meet and discuss your company’s website, give our Cleveland web design professionals a call at 440-449-6800.  We’ll be the ones donning our best suit along with a smartly pressed shirt and tie.

What are your biggest website challenges? Let us know in the comment section below.

Or if your website design needs updated, click here for tips on selecting the right website developer.

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