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Dominion East Ohio is Subsidizing Home Energy Audits

Dominion East Ohio is now offering their customers significant rebates on home energy audits.  The standard $500 audit, which must be performed by a Good Cents certified energy auditor, will be reduced to $50 with the Dominion subsidy.

After scheduling a home energy audit, by calling (877) 287-3416 or visiting, the technicians will arrive to perform a blower door pressure test on the home.  All windows and doors in the home are closed except for a single exterior door.  This door is sealed with plastic and the auditors attach a blower that pulls air out of the home.  The technicians then proceed to walk through the home and measure any air that is being pulled into the home through any cracks or leaks.  Such leaks are likely to be discovered around windows, doors, air ducts, and fire places.  Technicians also take infra-red photographs to detect leaks that they may have missed during their sweep of the home.  Be prepared to commit a whole day to the audit, as the assessments tend to last between four and eight hours, depending on the size of the home.  Upon completion of the energy audit, the homeowner is given a detailed report outlining the problem areas in the home that could be addressed.

Now that the homeowner knows what areas need addressed to help reduce their energy bills, he can take advantage of Dominion’s rebates for energy improvement expenditures.  Up to $1,250 for certain improvements made following the home energy audit may be reimbursed.  Dominion has contracted with 30 HVAC and 22 insulation and air sealing contractors to perform these subsidized repairs.  A list of these approved contractors is provided to the homeowner upon the completion of the audit.  Below are a few examples of the significant improvement costs that are reimbursed:  

  • New natural gas furnace (up to $400)
  • New natural gas water heater (up to $400)
  • Insulation ($0.30 per sq. ft. – no maximum)
  • Duct sealing ($40 per hr. – no maximum)
  • New windows ($5 per window)
  • New exterior doors ($30 per door)

Dominion reports that 103 home energy audits have been performed since April 11th and 34 home owners have had subsidized improvements made.

Have questions about subsidized home energy audits? Post a comment below or contact our Real Estate and Construction Group at 440-449-6800.

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