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Be More Productive at Work: 15 Essential Tips to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Outlook

We’re all looking for ways to improve our day-to-day productivity.  For most of us who use Microsoft Outlook, the newest version (Outlook 2010) has a ton of great new features that can help.  The following are 15 tips from Microsoft for being more secure, more organized and less embarrassed on the job.

1. Save Face with MailTips. Have you ever hit “Reply All” to an email when you didn’t mean to? Or sent important information to someone and never gotten a response, only to learn later their email address was invalid? Microsoft Exchange 2010 and MailTips, a new Microsoft Outlook 2010 feature, can help prevent embarrassing mistakes, save you time, and alleviate frustration.

2. Share Your Schedule. You can share your calendar with others on a Microsoft Exchange Server—with permission, of course. Or you can publish your default Outlook 2010 to the web, which can allow more people to view it. If you publish your calendar to the web, you don’t have to have an Exchange account, and anyone can see it, even if they don’t have an Exchange account, either.

Click here to read about 15 new features of Outlook 2010.
Would you like more tips about how to better use your email program? Or, are you considering switching to a new email program?

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