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Enhanced Backup & Disaster Recovery Services Available to Clients

We’re pleased to announce a series of significant enhancements to our Backup & Disaster Recovery suite offered to our clients.  ShadowControl ImageManager works in conjunction with StorageCraft ShadowProtect, the award-winning line of backup and disaster recovery software. It includes tools and services that allow users to replicate backup images to the cloud, pre-stage backups as virtual machines, consolidate backup image files and monitor and manage backups created with ShadowProtect.

ShadowProtect is an integral part of the Backup & Disaster Recovery suite, recoverIT, and allows your business to recover from system or data loss in minutes, not hours or days.  With near real-time backups as often as 15-minutes, your downtime is minimized.   

New features of ShadowControl include:

  • ShadowStream™ accelerates the file transfer of backup images up to five times faster than traditional file transfer does. Its technology transports ShadowProtect backup files off-site quickly and reliably by controlling bandwidth capacity.
  • intelligentFTP™ enables the user to filter files for replication locally, to the network, or to an off-site location. The user can set parameters for the replication, whether it’s every incremental backup or just backup files that have been verified.
  • HeadStart Restore® reduces the recovery window by proactively constructing the backup image as a virtual machine, allowing the user to restore the system in minutes, saving critical time.

For more information about our Backup & Disaster Recovery solution, recoverIT, or any of our other Cleveland IT services, please contact one of our professionals at 440-449-6800.

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