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Event Planning in a Down Economy

Despite a difficult economy, you may want to think twice about cutting events from your marketing budget. Events are great way to not only attract prospective customers to your product or service, but they also present a chance for you to stay top of mind and potentially drum up business from your existing customers. 


Here are a few tips to lower your event budget:


Partner up to bring costs down: Rather than hosting an event solo, consider adding a partner to the event to help cover costs. In addition to splitting the costs with your partner company, you’ll also increase the size of your invite list and bring more fresh faces into the room for networking purposes.


Breakfast…It’s the most important meal of the day: Planning on feeding your attendees? You can reduce your food budget by a significant amount by holding your event at breakfast instead of lunch or dinner. Additionally, you should improve your attendance rate due to the fact that attendees are likely heading to your event first thing in the morning before they get caught up in other tasks at the office.


When in doubt…Webinar: Webinars are great for several reasons. First, they keep your costs to a minimum by eliminating the venue costs and the catering fees. Second, they are reusable. You can easily post a webinar to your company’s web site and visitors can download the audio or video file at any time. Finally, since attendees can watch your webinar from anywhere, this event can literally spread your message to laptops across the country.


As always, to maximize the value of any event, don’t forget to follow up after the event while it’s still fresh in people’s minds.


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