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Five Essential Steps to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan: Step Four – Determining Tactics

Welcome to our fourth blog in our “Five Essential Steps to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan.” Here’s what we covered so far: in blog #1 we discussed the importance of determining your company’s marketing philosophy. In our next two blogs, we covered setting realistic and measurable goals and setting marketing strategies that are indeed strategies and not tactics. Now we’re ready for the tactics!

strategy and tacticsStep 4 – Determining Tactics

Last week, in Step 3 of our series for Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan, we defined and addressed the importance of developing strategies that align with a company’s goals and objectives. This week, with strategies in place we are ready to move on to the tactical execution of a marketing plan.

Whereas strategies establish a broad outline of how you want to achieve your goal/objectives, tactics are the specific actions or activities that need to be properly executed in order to achieve them.

So for example, if your goal is to increase and enhance your company’s brand awareness, a sound strategy to follow would be to increase the number of brand touches among potential customers in your market space. Tactics for implementing that strategy could be advertising in a trade or business publication or sponsoring an event, conference or seminar.

So for example:

  • Company Goal: Increase the qualified leads by 15% over last year
  • Strategy: Implement an inbound marketing campaign to attract qualified prospects to the company website and convert them in to leads for the sales team.
  • Tactical Approach: Tactics for implementing an inbound marketing strategy could include:
    • Blogging – create educational content that speaks to your prospects and answers their questions
    • Search Engine Optimization – to appear prominently when and where your prospects search online
    • Premium Content – creation of downloadable content such as e-books, checklists, how to guides, etc., in exchange for downloaders’ contact information
    • Call-to-Action Buttons – to promote visitors to download premium content
    • Landing Pages – for prospects to submit their contact information in exchange for premium content
    • CRM – to keep track of the details for all the leads, companies and deals in your pipeline

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5 Essential Steps to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan

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