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Frequently Asked Questions About Backing Up and Recovering Data

Computers crashing, a lost or stolen laptop or smart phone, a natural disaster, or just someone accidentally hitting the “delete” key — these are all ways a company can lose its data.

Studies show that 70 percent of businesses will experience or have experienced data loss. Disturbingly, 93 percent of businesses that have lost data for 10 days or more ended up filing for bankruptcy, and 50 percent of those companies filed for bankruptcy immediately. Without a backup solution in place, businesses are at the mercy of not having any data to recover.

What are some steps companies can take to ensure they have a backup solution in place?

There are a multitude of backup solutions out there, including USB drives, CD-ROMs, tape drives, onsite appliances and even Internet-based backup solutions. There are many options and many price points for businesses, so companies need to determine what level they are at and how much they can afford to do. Whatever solution they decide to use, it has to be a complete solution. You don’t want to go with a less expensive solution that doesn’t give you a full system backup and allow you to fully recover.

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