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Green, Blue, Purple … What’s Next for Skoda Minotti?

Note: Click here to view the new Skoda Minotti Technology Partners website.

Back in March, you may remember us introducing a new brand color for our Strategic Marketing group. Now, just a few months later, we’re pleased to announce that we’re adding yet another new color to the Skoda Minotti palette.

Skoda Minotti, like all growing companies, is evolving and as we evolve, our brand(s) needs to evolve with us.  Although you may know Skoda Minotti more as a CPA firm, we really are a complete business advisory firm, offering such services as Strategic Marketing, Professional Staffing, Financial Services, Litigation Advisory Services and Information Technology…just to name a handful. 

Through the evolution of our business, distinct service niches have taken root and become meaningful parts of our business. These niches have become so significant that they have spawned their own Skoda Minotti “niche brands”. 

Strategic Marketing was our first to launch as a separate brand back in March. And, now we’re pleased to announce the official launch of our second niche brand, Skoda Minotti Technology Partners. Some of you might know that this group has been providing professional information technology services and solutions for clients since 2004. But, in an effort to create more awareness for the group, we have branded it with its own identity, and have launched a new niche-specific website, and thus the purple. 

After the launch of Strategic Marketing, we fielded some questions, such as, “Why not just spin off your new companies under a new name?” Well, we could have created individual company names for each of our service niches, but we would have been starting at ground zero from a brand awareness standpoint, and that didn’t make much sense to us.  Instead, since we know strong brands tend to extend into new business areas much easier than start-ups, we decided to leverage the firm’s strong brand reputation on behalf of the individual niches.  

To learn more about our information technology consultants, we encourage you to visit our new site at or give us a call at 440-449-6800.


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