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Green is the New Black: The Momentum Continues for Energy-Focused Building Trends

With the continued growth of the commercial real estate, government, university, nonprofit and school construction markets, Green building tax credits and initiatives are steadily gaining acceptance and traction in the real estate and construction industry.  Automation controls and cloud-based systems increase energy efficiency for any building. Developers and building owners are striving to create zero-net-energy buildings.  Although it can be more costly initially, the obvious savings in Green building costs give an immediate return to the owner.

As advocates of sensible Green building and energy efficiency, we were intrigued to read Energy Digital columnist Thomas Melville’s recent article about predictions for Green building trends.

Regulatory requirements in more than 30 cities now require disclosure of a building’s performance; clearly the trend is to support energy efficiency.  In the article, Jerry Yudelson, one of the world’s leading green building consultants, keynote speakers and authors, believes that more than 500 existing federal buildings will retrofit in order to “green” existing buildings.  Further, financing for large-scale solar power systems is expected to increase. Green building costs give an immediate return to the owner

And on a more global scale, building product safety including chemical compositions that may be dangerous is becoming more main stream.  “Awareness of the coming crisis in fresh water supply, both globally and in the U.S., will increase, as global climate change affects rainfall and water supply systems worldwide,” said Yudelson.

We’ll be watching the market and continuing posts and blogs to keep you updated; we’re eager to see how the year plays out and which trends manifest. The 2013 Skoda Minotti Real Estate and Construction Annual Survey for Northeastern Ohio also showed continued, positive trends in LEED and Green building.

To learn more about LEED, the anticipated Green building trends in 2014, or how going Green can positively affect your business or individual bottom line, call  or email Paul Etzler, CPA, CGMA, GACR, at 440-449-6800.

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