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Growing Your Nonprofit Organization

As nonprofits plan for growth in a struggling economy, they must take a careful approach to change. Failing to do so could result in a loss of donors, a missed opportunity in structuring their boards, or the potential misuse of social media.

As nonprofits look to grow, it is critical that they not lose sight of the key resources and assets that they already have in place. It would be a real shame to lose something of value in your efforts to grow the organization.

Smart Business spoke with Ginsburg about the keys to successful growth for nonprofits.

Is there a process that is critical to allow for growth at a nonprofit?

It is vital to identify your key resources, the risks to those resources as you grow, and strategies that allow you to mitigate those risks. For example, if launching a new marketing campaign might alienate a key donor, have you identified this donor and this risk? Have you planned for this risk as a part of your campaign? As appropriate, consider engaging your staff, donors and board in this process. Ask, ‘What really matters to us? What could we not do without?’ Whether that is a key donor, staff person or piece of property will vary. But the process always involves asking those questions and having a meaningful discussion around them. Organizations are working hard to change in order to meet the current economy. In that mindset, it is easy to lose sight of the related question: ‘As we grow, what will we do to safeguard our key resources and people?’

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