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Holiday eCard Design: Season’s Greetings…in July?

Let’s suppose your company budgets a lump sum of $4,800 to spend on one specific activity or thing. What would it be?

The possibilities seem endless. There’s bonuses, of course. Company parties. Outings. Sponsorships. Employee training. Investments in new equipment and technology. A much-needed new refrigerator for the HR kitchenette. The list goes on.

Then there’s holiday cards. You could put that $4,800 toward holiday cards, and chances are, when you add up the actual cost of what most companies spend on cards each year, $4,800 is a pretty accurate estimate of what you’re probably spending on this every year.

Even for large companies, that’s a big chunk of change—and it doesn’t even factor in the time and effort of your internal resources to handle the planning, management and execution of the mailing.  What is their time worth?

We bring all this to your attention in sunny July because the holidays will be here before you know it, and the need to start your holiday card planning and execution process will arrive even sooner. For those of you that are still sending traditional cards, we encourage you to strongly consider sending holiday eCards instead.

eCards are an efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional holiday cards. They also allow you to personalize your company’s message to your clients, business contacts, prospects and local community members.

Click here to view some of our recent eCards.

Let’s look closely at some of the key benefits.

Holiday eCards Deliver Considerable Cost Savings

When you consider that postage for sending a standard holiday cards is $0.47 per card, and most companies send hundreds, thousands or perhaps even tens of thousands of cards each year, the cost for postage alone could be anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. Custom-designed and professionally printed holiday cards in these quantities can also cost upwards of $0.50 to $1.00 per card.

Here’s where the math will make even a CPA’s head spin. A database containing a list of 5,000 names will cost $2,300 to mail and at $.50 per card, an additional $2,500 to print, for a total investment of $4,800. And of course, the internal time and effort necessary to pull it all off represents a significant cost as well.

Holiday eCards Save Lots of Time and Energy

Your love of the holiday season could be virtually unparalleled. Yet if you’re in charge of the holiday card process for your company, you’re most likely not looking forward to it one bit. From a business owner’s perspective, when you factor in the soft cost of time, effort and company resources to coordinate the process (i.e., updating the list and ensuring that the right people at your company can personalize and sign each card), the investment becomes even steeper, while the morale of the worker bee(s) handling the process probably dips significantly.

Holiday eCards Offer a Big Marketing Opportunity

eCards provide a prime opportunity to deliver a custom, creative and personal message to your company’s clients, prospects and stakeholders. eCards can do so many things that traditional printed cards can’t; the ability to use animations, personal or company specific photography and audio can combine to create a tailored holiday message that leverages your brand and core values, while delivering a personalized and unique season’s greetings to all of your important business partners.

Holiday eCards are an Environmentally Friendly Solution

Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year*. That’s a lot of trees.

Holiday eCards Enable Measurable Results

eCards are web-based, which means that you can track stats and metrics such as open rate, click-through-rate, recipients, bounces and unsubscribes. Additionally, the ability to secure these stats and metrics provide your company with valuable feedback on just how effective your message and eCard were—something that can’t be done with traditional printed holiday cards. Lastly, because eCards are accessed through a link in the email that takes the recipient directly to your website, they are more likely to get through spam filters than emails sent with the eCard in tow as an attachment.

Holiday eCards Drive Traffic to Your Website

While your eCard will be delivered to your clients’, prospects’ and business contacts’ inboxes, the card itself will be housed and viewed on your company’s website, providing your business contacts with immediate and easy access to your website with a simple click of the mouse.  Any clicks through to your website from the eCard are trackable and measurable, so not only will you know who viewed the card, you’ll know specifically what product(s) or service(s) were of interest to them, delivering to you a qualified lead. Ho ho ho.

We Practice What We Preach

If you’re wondering how Skoda Minotti, a CPA, business and financial advisory firm, knows so much about holiday eCards, it’s because seven years ago we made the switch from printed cards to eCards and have realized, first-hand, all of the advantages we’ve described above.

Click here to view some of our recent eCards.

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of a holiday eCard or would like to just pick our brain to determine if an eCard is right for your company, please call Jonathan Ebenstein at
440-449-6800 or click here to receive a free quote.  Remember: The holidays are right around the corner.

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* Greeting Card Association 2016

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