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How should you dispose of your old cell phone?

recycling cell phonesCell phones are quickly becoming a necessity in today’s world. Not only does the typical person feel that they need to have a mobile phone device, but the adoption of smart phones has brought along a new set of portable capabilities and necessities that everyone desires to have. New and upgraded models come out so frequently that phones purchased just one year ago can quickly become obsolete.

When that happens, what should you do with your old cell phone?

According to a recent article on, the US Environmental Protection Agency is urging people to recycle their devices instead of merely adding them to the nation’s landfills. Organizations like Cell Phones for Soldiers, Collective Good, Phones 4 Charity and Shelter Alliance can take those phones and give them to people who would need a means of communication.

How can you recycle your old cell phone?

Click here to read more about the importance of recycling your cell phones and the organizations that will take your old phones and use them for a good cause.

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