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How Your SMB Can Benefit from the Use of the Private Cloud

This fall seems to be the season of public cloud provider outages, with many occurring for cloud giant Amazon Web Services.  Several popular sites, including Pinterest and Foursquare were impacted by a problem at one of Amazon's Virginia data centers.  Godaddy's recent outage was probably even more high profile for many small and mid-sized business owners, as many have their website and e-mail hosted with the low-cost hosting provider. 

The reality of cloud computing is that outages will happen – that's the nature of the internet and technology in general.  However, the impact that large public cloud provider outages has can have serious implications, especially when those outages are for several hours (or even days).

Lately, smaller, more nimble providers have been launching similar types of cloud services (Skoda Minotti Technology Partners included) . Many of these  providers are offering what is known as "Private Cloud" solutions, generally targeting small to mid-sized companies.  Many of these Private Cloud solutions are designed specifically for certain industries, or target the hosting of certain types of applications.  Services custom built for smaller businesses are at the heart of this new class of providers, and along with custom services comes a higher level of support and consulting services, which a large part of the SMB market has needed in order to make a successful transition into cloud computing.  Larger companies with their own IT staff can afford to manage public cloud solutions more easily than their smaller counterparts. More and more small- to mid-size businesses are not only looking for a cloud provider, but are looking for a company that can help identify their real cloud needs and design a solution around those needs.

When looking at any cloud provider, there are many factors to consider.  Of course their cloud and data center infrastructure is key (redundancy, service level agreements, multiple internet providers, etc.), but their ability to understand your business needs and develop a custom solution is a close second.  Your business processes and systems are unique — and your cloud provider and their cloud offering should be built for you.

If you’re considering cloud computing for your SMB, we can help you determine which cloud services make sense for your unique business needs. Click here for a free cloud assessment.

For more information on private cloud computing, please contact Brian Rosenfelt by calling 440-449-6800.

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