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The Importance of Implementing Redirects in a Website Redesign

Currently working through a website redesign and unsure how directing traffic from your old to your new site might impact your search rankings? Fortunately, Google recently announced that implementing 301, 302 and 30x redirects on your site will not negatively impact your search rankings. It was previously thought that there was a small negative impact when redirecting traffic in this manner.

What is a 301 redirect, and why does it matter to me?

Redirects are an important part of launching a new website. Basically, they can direct visitors who were looking for a webpage that no longer exists to a corresponding page on your new site. Properly implementing redirects on your site can ensure that users who find old site pages in search results aren’t greeted with a ‘page not found’ error when they arrive at your brand-new site. Additionally, as Google has now confirmed, properly implementing a redirect allows you to transfer over the PageRank that your previous page had built up in Google’s search index.

Google has a helpful list of best practices to consider when implementing redirects on your site. Of particular importance for the best user experience and the best results from an SEO standpoint is the following note from Google:

“Don’t do a blanket redirect directing all traffic from your old site to your new home page. This will avoid 404 errors, but it’s not a good user experience. A page-to-page redirect (where each page on the old site gets redirected to the corresponding page on the new site) is more work, but gives your users a consistent and transparent experience.”

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