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Is Your Business Prepared for Swine Flu?

Are you ready for a traditional virus?  While everyone is concerned viruses infecting their computer systems, it might be time to think about the old-fashioned type of virus.  There have been concerns that there it is a high probability of H1N1 variant flu (“the swine flu”) pandemic.  After all, there hasn’t been a serious flu (category 5) pandemic since 1918 and we’re about due.   The World Health Organization has already declared it to be pandemic.  The flu may not be deadly but it could be debilitating. It could appear to be gone and just flare up again.

A rapidly moving flu virus could cause 40-60 percent of your work force to be absent at the same time for one to two weeks.   What would happen to your business if you were unable to service or supply your customers for a week or two?  Or were unable to service a key customer?  What would happen if a key vendor delayed a critical shipment for a significant period of time?  What if a key employee had complications from the flu and was out for several weeks?  What if the Health Department restricted travel?

So the question is: how well are you prepared to handle these disruptions in your business?  Can some of your employees work from home if needed?  Do you have policies that encourage sick workers to stay home and not spread the infection unnecessarily?   Are you encouraging employees to be vaccinated?  Do you have a tested contingency plan?

Specific advice for handling a flu crisis in your business can be found at

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