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It’s Not That Easy Being Green

Next time you’re out shopping, take notice of the amount of products claiming to be “environmentally friendly.” Do you believe these claims?


TerraChoice, an eco-consulting firm, took a closer look at the claims of almost 4,000 products claiming to be “natural and environmentally friendly.” The results were surprising – almost all of the claims were found to be “false or misleading.” Greenwashing, as it is known, means that consumers may find it harder than ever to know what claims to trust.


Wal-Mart, however, wants to change that. The retail giant announced earlier this month that it will require “all of its product suppliers to calculate the environmental costs of their products.” Wal-Mart will then calculate a “green rating” for the product and display it near the price tag. Suppliers that fail to comply will be banned from Wal-Mart shelves. The process is expected to take four years.


This is a major sign that companies will not longer be able to market their products as “green” without actually backing up the claim. In other words, it won’t be so easy being green.


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