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Launching a New Website? Use Our Helpful Launch Checklist Before Pushing It Live

Launching a new website? Here are some last minute items you should make sure not to forget:

Proofread for spelling, grammar, etc.
Get a fresh set of eyes (or two) on your website copy before the site goes live. It’s always good to have someone not involved in the web launch to review the site to make sure there aren’t any major proofreading issues that your team may have overlooked.

Check and repair all broken and mislabeled links
As a part of the proofreading effort, make sure all of your site links are both working and directing visitors to the correct page.

Custom 404 Pages
If a user does happen to run into a broken link, make sure you create a custom 404 (page not found) page that allows a user to easily get back to your homepage or use a site search feature to quickly find what they are looking for.

Verify that all forms are working properly
You want people to contact you from your website, right? Make sure all of your shiny new contact forms are linked up to a real email address at your company (preferably multiple addresses) so that you can ensure someone is able to follow up with these contact requests in a timely manner.

Check browser compatibility
According to, as of September 2013, browser usage broke down as follows:

  •  Chrome – 53.2%
  •  Firefox – 27.8%
  •  Internet Explorer – 12.1%
  •  Safari – 3.9%
  •  Opera – 1.7%

Before launching, take a look at your site in the major browsers and ensure that you’re not experiencing any major compatibility issues.

Check mobile compatibility
How does your site look on a smart phone? If you did not implement responsive design during the coding phase of your website, you may want to consider a mobile version of the site for launch as mobile web traffic is growing on daily basis.

Install analytics
No website is complete without an analytics package that will let you know how many visitors you’re receiving, how they found you, how long they’re staying, and their favorite places to visit on your site. Google Analytics is a great free tool to accomplish this goal.

Activate Webmaster Tools
Another free tool from Google that allows you to check your site’s search indexing status and optimize the visibility of your website.

Submit site map to search engines
Make sure that search engines are aware that your new site is open for business. Be sure to submit an updated site map to the major search engines.

We hope that you found this quick checklist useful in your website launch. If you are looking for a Cleveland web design company to help with your next website launch, contact Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing at 440-449-6800.

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