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Patience is a virtue, which is great when you are responding to your child. However, if your prospects are seeking a solution to a business challenge, they might not be willing to take this same advice. Your prospects want to deal with your company on their time, and their time is often real-time. So what are you doing to respond to your prospects’ inquiries—asking them to submit an email so you can respond when it is convenient for your sales team?

Remember, first impressions are important when a prospect is looking for a new product or service. So how do you provide a medium for prospects to reach you on their schedule? The answer could be offering instant chats.

Instant chats let you have an online text conversation with customers and prospects, allowing them to ask specific questions and for you to provide immediate responses to establish a positive experience. These conversations can often lead to new business opportunities and should be viewed as both a customer service and lead generation tactic.

So why don’t more companies offer instant chat capabilities? Because if done poorly, it could lead to a negative perception of the company, exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Here are a few considerations you need to address before rolling out a chat initiative:

  1. Time – Having staff available to monitor incoming chat requests could be challenging. Presumably, your staff is already busy and wouldn’t care for a responsibility that requires them to drop what they are doing at a moment’s notice. Responsiveness is key to having a successful experience, so for instant chat to be effective, the responsibility must be built into the everyday responsibilities of one or two members of your team.
  2. High customer service – You must present a professional impression when chatting, so finding someone who possesses good spelling and grammar isn’t always easy. And conducting a professional chat is not the same as texting—for example, best to leave the emojis for your phone.
  3. Knowledge – You need to have someone answering the chats who has a good understanding of your products and services, and the ability to convert the lead into an opportunity.

There are a lot of very good tools available and most are extremely easy to add to your website and begin using. Products do vary based on price which is usually determined by the number chats per month, the ability to customize the chat box and analytics. Analytics plays a large role in determining if the success of the tool, such as responsiveness, client satisfaction with the chat and outcome of the conversations.

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