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Featured Job Opportunity: Manager of Human Resources

Mentor, Ohio

Summary of Responsibilities:

The position is responsible for managing, supporting and assessing organizational needs to foster an environment that maximizes staff personal and professional growth. This includes designing and implementing staff professional development programs, managing recruiting activities, designing and maintaining staff performance management and performance improvement programs. Participates in the development of the Company’s plans and programs as a strategic partner but particularly from the perspective of the impact on human capital.

Essential Functions:

Training and Development

  • Consult with senior management on performance, organizational and leadership matters.
  • Conduct needs assessments for training and staff development to enhance effectiveness of employee performance.
  • Lead the  design,  development  and  implementation  of  programs,  policies  and  strategies  that meet organizational development needs and goals, incorporating best practices and lessons learned into program plans.
  • Make certain that all company training programs are well prepared and educationally sound.
  • Oversee facilities, instructional tools and materials needed for training programs.
  • Conduct ongoing research to make certain only the newest and latest techniques are being adopted in our training and staff development programs.
  • Audit training  effectiveness  compared  to  course  objectives  and  company  strategic  goals  on  a continuous basis and report this effectiveness to senior managment.
  • Monitor and control expenses for training progams.
  • Facilitate inter-disciplinary project teams and committees by coordinating the meetings, communicating the agenda, encouraging discussion during the meetings and communicating the outcomes through meeting summaries.


  • Manage company-wide  recruiting  process;  work  with  other  members  of  management  to     ensure adherence to all processes and procedures.
  • In partnership with management, conduct and continually update the hiring needs assessment (staff forecasting) for the Company.
  • Manage development and maintenance of job descriptions for all positions in the company.
  • Develop and monitor processes and procedures to assure that the Company is hiring the best and brightest staff.
  • Identify and attend career fairs to ensure a proper presence in the community as it relates to recruiting.
  • Provide training for management and interview team members on hiring laws, interview techniques and company recruiting and hiring procedures; participate on interview team for potential hires.
  • Monitor effectiveness of the Company’s orientation programs and revise them to meet the changing needs of the company and staff.

Performance Management

  • Implement a formal review process, working closely with other members of management.
  • Manage evaluation process for the entire company, including all locations.
  • Support and assist senior management during annual performance review processes.  Research local market and industry patterns in regards to skills, certifications, wages, benefits, which may assist management during reviews.
  • Based on  established  company  guidelines,  work  with  Management  &  staff  to  manage  staff development by identifying, evaluating and recommending goal options.
  • Develop and   manage   development   programs   and   budgets;   report   progress   to      senior management.
  • Conduct check-in meetings between managers and employees outside of the review process.
  • Provide other employee counseling and coaching programs including but not limited to anti- harassment and other soft skills training as needed.
  • Facilitate communication among employees and management; guide managers and employees on problem solving and dispute reslolutions.


  • Assist other members of management with compliance reviews, general risk assessments and other safety assessments to support health, safety and environmental management.
  • Assist in the development and governance of workplace safety procedures for various departments within the company.
  • Conduct investigations of any accidents/incidents in all locations.
  • Participate in regular safety meetings with various departmens.
  • Meet compliance and reporting requirements for federal or state regulations.
  • Provide other training and assistance to employees as needed related to safety.

Other Functions:

  • Provide HR consulting to leadership as needed.
  • Partner with leadership regarding general Human Resource issues such as regulatory compliance, litigation avoidance, benefits management, workers compensation issues, and company general policy and procedure management.
  • Provide technical advice and knowledge to others within the human resources team.

Education & Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Development, Social Services, Communications or Human Resources required.
  • At least five (5) years’ experience managing training, performance evaluation, and development programs in a similar setting.
  • Minimum of nine (9) years’ experience operating in an HR Generalist capacity.
  • Ability to make formal presentations on a variety of work-related topics of varying length and complexity to diverse audiences.
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access to generate spreadsheets, write letters and reports, develop templates for other’s use and prepare complex graphic presentations.
  • Well-grounded in modern training and development methods, tools and techniques.
  • Detail oriented and a good organizer.
  • Skilled in both oral and written communications.
  • Creative and innovative.

Working Conditions:

  • Mostly office work with some travel, via personal vehicle, to off-site training / development program locations.
  • Overtime is possible due locations throughout the region.

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