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Niche Marketing: Marketing Generalist vs. Marketing Specialist

Whether it is through acquisition or organic growth, more and more of today’s companies have the ability to offer numerous services and/or prod­ucts to multiple target audiences across vastly different industries.

However, all too often, companies are using a shot gun ap­proach to marketing, when a rifle-based solution is needed.


In other words, you can’t use the same broad-based, one-size-fits-all marketing approach to go after a construction com­pany as you would for a law firm. These are two different indus­tries with vastly different needs, hot but­tons and challenges.


By identifying and analyzing how to ef­fectively reach the different niche markets that you serve, your marketing plans for them will become more effective.


This is the first part of a five part series where we will elaborate on why niche marketing is a vi­tal concept to consider when developing a marketing plan, while addressing some of the key elements to developing a niche marketing plan.


Marketing Generalist vs. Marketing Specialist

Many people, especially those in the pro­fessional services space, tend to be gener­alists. By that, I mean they chase, without rhyme or reason, any business opportunity that crosses their path. While you can net business this way, this model lacks focus. To me, the secret to being successful in driving new business opportunities is fo­cusing on your niche specialties and then putting together a strategic marketing plan with focused goals and objectives that are specifically tailored to target and attract the target audience that inhabits that niche space. Whether it is a niche service offer­ing or a niche industry that you are chas­ing, narrowing your focus is the first step.


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