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Ohio RAC Audits Are on the Way

Ohio Healthcare service providers that submit claims to Medicare need to be aware that Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) are on their way to the Buckeye State.


Starting August 1, 2009, RAC auditors will begin a federal initiative that utilizes contractors to audit healthcare providers to determine if Medicare overpaid (or underpaid) those providers.


The Ohio RAC program will most likely begin with large healthcare providers before eventually moving on to nursing homes and private practices. No one is sure how much auditors will find in Ohio, but a total of $1.03 billion in improper Medicare payments was located in three test states (California, New York and Florida) during a pilot program that began in 2005.


Have questions about RAC audits? Visit our resource center at www.ohioracaudit.com. Or watch this blog for future posts, including:


¨        Who are the RAC advisors?

¨        Defining your risk areas

¨        Developing a RAC response team

¨        Establishing a RAC process

¨        Offensive and defensive strategies

¨        The appeals process

¨        Auditing the same materials the RAC audits

¨        How software can help

¨        RAC training sessions

¨        Working with a RAC advisor


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