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Presentation Do’s and Don’ts (Part 2 of 2)

Look at any list of the top 10 fears of people and the fear of public speaking will undoubtedly be at the top of any list.  In a world where content marketing is becoming ever more important, the need to not only write the content, but present it, is now even more critical for people looking to develop new business leads and position themselves and their companies as leaders in their respective industry.  In this week’s Marketing Blog, I’ll share some additional tips to giving a presentation. (Click here to see part 1 of this blog.)

8. Consistency Matters, Too
Do not switch font or font colors.  Both should be consistent throughout the entire presentation.

9. Don’t Be a Mile Wide and an Inch Deep
Prioritize the topics you want to cover and then focus on only the most important topics to ensure that you do a good job covering the most critical information, especially when up against a strict and short presentation time slot.

10. Practice. Practice. Practice. 
No matter the length of the presentation, practice/rehearse your presentation from start to finish multiple times.  This will help you get your timing down and get you less dependent and focused on the slides and more focused on the audience.  Many presenters opened strong and then fade as the presentation finishes up.  Don’t be that guy/gal.

11. Watch Your Transitions
Often we know so much about a topic that we want to share it all ASAP.  Sometimes this causes folks to jump around making it difficult for the audience to follow the thread of the presentation. 

12. Keep Things Simple
Stick to three, or at the most, four points about your topic and expound on them. The audience will be more likely to retain the information.

13. Proofread
I once witnessed a presentation where the slide said pubic instead of public.  It was not a great moment.  Everyone makes mistakes, we all understand that, but typos, misspelled words and grammatical errors are often viewed as careless and unprofessional by the audience.  As the “expert” in the room, this is not the perception you are going for.   Keep in mind, it is often difficult to proofread your own work.  Have someone else eyeball it for you. 

14. Slooooow dooooown
Speak slowly.  Don’t race through it.  Pause when necessary to breathe.  Nobody wants to see you pass out.  It makes the presentation that much longer.  Ideally, your rate of speaking should be varied, slowing down or even pausing to help emphasize major ideas. 

15. Dress for Success
Dress better than your audience.  It is better to be overdressed than underdressed.  As the presenter you are the smartest person in the room on the subject matter.  Look like it.

16. Lead by Example
Use case studies (i.e., situation, solution, results) to illustrate your topic whenever possible.  People have an easier time grasping a concept when they can see it in a real life situation.

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