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Product Feature: HubSpot CRM

Product Feature: HubSpot CRM

HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing and sales platform, has announced a new platform to its suite of online offerings – The HubSpot CRM.

This customer relationship management system (CRM) breaks you out of the traditional sales process. It eliminates manual tasks and adds value at every turn, propelling your sales team into the modern sales process (the inbound sales process), where they no longer need to rely on guesswork to decide who they should follow up with and when.

This new HubSpot offering makes it easier to organize, track, and sell your products/services without complications or confusion.

How does it work? Here are just a few of our favorite features of this new system.

The HubSpot CRM Eliminates Manual Tasks

Gone are the days of having to manually search for a contact’s individual and company information details. If you have any piece of information on an individual, this CRM will go out into the World Wide Web, find it for you and update that contact’s record.

And, if you have one qualified prospect/company that you’ve determined is a good fit, this CRM will search the Internet for other companies that look and feel similar so that you can consider them in your sales efforts, as well.

By minimizing data entry in these ways, your sales people will spend less time on the manual tasks and more time following up with and helping the right prospects at the right time.

The HubSpot CRM Takes the Guesswork Out of Selling

This is where it gets fun. Because this CRM integrates with the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software, you can tell the system very specific details that qualify a prospect as someone you want to talk to. Then, if you are utilizing the software in your website, you can be alerted when those people have returned to your site, what pages they have/are viewing, what forms they have filled out, and what prior conversation/sales activity your team has had with them. Depending on the tools you choose to use, these alerts can pop up on your screen, be emailed to your inbox, or delivered in a report so that you don’t have to go looking for the updates.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive an alert that someone you spoke with two weeks ago is currently on your website and reviewing several pages of your company’s information?

What about a current customer of yours who hasn’t yet shown an interest in any different products/services is currently on your site reviewing several different service options or reading a new informational blog post you’ve released.

These sound like great opportunities to reach out and start a conversation about how you can help. This CRM eliminates the guesswork out of the prospect’s need – you can cut straight to the chase, and help answer the questions that they have before they’ve even asked.

The HubSpot CRM Tracks All Dialogue That’s Occurred

With this new CRM, you truly can streamline your sales efforts.

Instead of relying on poor transcriptions of sales notes, prior interactions, etc., you can know with certainty what interactions have occurred with those contacts.

The dashboard presents a 360 degree of a contact – It organizes all touch points (email, calls, notes, website visits and conversions, and social interactions).

Beyond that, it gives you the option to call, email and converse with those prospects inside the software.

“Inside the software” means that you can click a button to call the prospect, and record the actual calls (no need for transcriptions now). You can click a button to send an email, and also read past emails sent to them from you or other salespeople, scroll what pages they’ve visited on your site to see where their interest lies, and take note of which premium content they’ve downloaded to see if they have any questions about that information.

You will have a full picture of how they have interacted with your company, how they have transitioned through the sales process and where they currently are.


If you are on the HubSpot Marketing Platform, this CRM is free. There will be additional options coming in the future that will have a cost.

If you are not yet on the HubSpot Marketing Platform, click here to learn more about HubSpot pricing.

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Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing is a HubSpot Certified Partner, which means we have undergone an extensive period of coaching and consulting and have had access to amazing inbound marketing professionals and content through HubSpot. Click here to request a demo of the HubSpot CRM and/or HubSpot Marketing Platform. We’d be happy to walk you through the inbound marketing concept and the various ways it can transform the way you sell your products/services.

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