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Ready, Set, Pin(terest): A Pinterest Guide

Although nearly 1.5 million people visit Pinterest every day, terms like “pinning” and “repinning” sound as foreign today as “tweeting” and “retweeting” did three years ago. As this site gains popularity, understanding this site will become even more important for marketers, especially in the B2C space.

Before we define some basic Pinterest terms, let’s start off by describing the site – it is a social bookmarking site that allows its users to organize images they find online.

  • Pin: A pin is an image that has been added to Pinterest. Images can be uploaded from your computer or by adding images from websites using the Pin It button (click here for instructions on adding this button).
  • Board: A board is a set of pins. These can be set up for any topic. Some of the boards I have set up, for example include “live. LAUGH. love.” where I add pins that I find funny, “Quotables.” where I add pins with good quotes and “Mind, Body & Soul” where I add pins that inspire me to work out. Common boards my followers have set up include “My Style” with outfits they like, “Favorite Recipes” with, well, recipes they like, and “Party Ideas” with ideas for invitations, party decorations, etc.

    You can add boards by either clicking “Add+” at the top, right-hand side of the page and then, clicking Create a Board or by clicking “Create New Board” after you repin an image. (What’s a repin? See below…)

  • Following: You can either follow a user or one/some of a user’s boards. If you follow a user, any image they add to any of their boards will show up on your home page (see the sample below); if you follow one/some of a user’s boards, images they add to just those boards will show up on your home page.
    Pinterest screen shot
  • Repin: When you add an image to one of your boards that was originally added by another user. To repin an image, hover over it and select Repin, then pick the board you’d like to add it to from the drop-down menu (or select Create New Board from the drop-down menu to create a new board) and click Pin It.
  • Getting Started: Pinterest is an invite-only site; if any of your friends are already pinning, ask them to invite you. Otherwise, go to Pinterest and click Request an Invite. Just enter your email address, click Request Invitation and wait. Invitations typically take no more than a week.

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