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Your Sales Process Becomes Smarter, Not Harder, With HubSpot Sales Tools

The longer you are in sales or new business development it seems that time becomes increasingly shorter—that’s why it’s important to find ways to be more efficient. This past month I have been researching tools to keep me on task so that opportunities do not fall through the cracks. Let’s put the spotlight on HubSpot Sales tools. Through this blog, I hope to provide useful tips to keep you on track for your sales process and maybe even get you on board with these features.

HubSpot offers two versions of these Sales tools: FREE and PRO (meaning paid, but not costly). You can find more information on cost at Here is an overview of the benefits of each version, so that you can decide which tool you should use for your organization.

Let’s start with my favorite features of the FREE version.

  • Tracking By using HubSpots’s email extension tool that connects with your email, you can track activity when you send your emails. It shows if the receiver has opened your email, and if you provided a link in the body of the email, it shows you if the recipient clicked on it. Yes, this could be perceived as a bit creepy. However, as a sales person, it helps you prioritize your time on who to follow up with next. This takes the guesswork out of who read your email and simplifies the next follow-up action. For example, if you know your recipient clicked on a blog you sent, your next task should be a phone call asking for some feedback on the subject matter. Your goal is to be efficient and to avoid wasting time sending five follow-up emails to a prospect who never receives them (or just doesn’t read them).For the FREE version your tracking capabilities are limited to 200 opens a month, so if you feel you send emails more frequently – for example, if you are an inside sales person – it might make sense for your company to upgrade to Pro.
  • Templates These are also connected through HubSpot’s email extension tool. Templates are drafts of emails that keep the body of the email consistent, but allow you to personalize details to your recipient. You are able to either craft your messaging from scratch, or HubSpot has some very creative suggestions for you to try out. Messaging is crucial. Be creative, short and add value to each email you send. The templates also connect to your HubSpot CRM, so you are able to populate contact information like [fill in first name] or [fill in company name]. The tracking feature also allows me to test my messaging, so I know which messages are most effective based on response rate.For the FREE version you are limited to five templates. If your organization likes to track your messaging and switches it up as frequently as I do, it might make sense to upgrade to Pro to track what has been working. Otherwise, you can delete and edit the five as much as you’d like.

Here is an example of how it appears on my Outlook email:

Image for Desirees blog

Now, for Sales Pro, these two features above are available without limitation. The two I will mention below are not offered for the FREE version and require a paid subscription. I can’t stress enough how cool these two features are. As a salesperson, they both maximize your time and make for a smooth follow-up process.

  • Sequences – Similar to templates, these are a series of templates or emails with time restraints that you determine. The best way I can describe it is marketing automation for follow-up. As a salesperson you should already know how important follow-up is. Eighty percent of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth follow-up, yet only ten percent of salespeople make more than three follow-up attempts. It is a consistent (not annoying) touchpoint that is important in winning over the business, or just getting an appointment. These sequences allow you to enroll contacts that you would like to actively follow up with.If you have grown your contact and prospect base to over 100 consecutive prospects or contacts, I would recommend upping your FREE version to PRO. These sequences should not be confused with mail mergers! Each sequence you send are customized to a specific contact and stops the automation process once your contact replies. You review each email before you start the sequence process for each contact. This just sends your emails on specific times and days, ultimately saving you time booking reminders on your calendar as well as other tasks that become tedious when you are following up with more than 100 people.
  • Meetings – This feature makes it especially easy for me when I am booking phone calls. Because we deal heavily with inbound marketing, people are reaching out to us through a series of e-book downloads and follow-up requests. It is important in my role to book appointments for our professionals. This feature makes it 10 times easier to book an appointment on my calendar to discuss questions, start a conversation and take out the back and forth of “what time works for you?” This could also be helpful when presenting a proposal and scheduling time to meet for lunch with your active contacts/clients.

Both of the HubSpot Sales tool versions work through Gmail or Office 365.

From my few weeks of experimenting with HubSpot Sales tools, I have found that these innovative tools have aided in our sales cycle – as they can yours. They put a process in place for “work smarter, not harder.” I hope you found some good tips to help with your sales process for your organization!

If you have additional questions on other features of HubSpot Sales tools, or need help getting set up, contact Desiree Gordon at 440-605-7235 or email Desiree.

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