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Securing More Meetings with Potential Clients

The ABCs of Selling – Always be Consulting

You have one hour to do your dog and pony show. Go!

Often, people worry about not having enough time to adequately present themselves, their firm and their capabilities. The more time you have, the more uncomfortable most people tend to be. What you really want to do is shape your meeting so that you have just enough time to get prospects curious enough that they want to continue the conversation after you end it. The trick is to know how to do it; recognize once you’ve done it; and then have the discipline to end the meeting while they are longing for more.

Top executives are assailed daily by people who want to meet with them. The goal is to incite their interest about a topic that will draw them to want a follow-up meeting. That’s important because getting the second meeting is often harder than getting the first meeting. Plus, it often means at least one of your competitors didn’t make it to the second round. Advantage: YOU.

To do this, transform every sales situation into an opportunity to demonstrate how you do what you do. Instead of selling them on how great you and your firm are, show them. Let your prospective clients experience your expertise, brilliance and value first-hand by formatting your first “sales” meeting as an actual consulting session. Just remember that you want to end on a high note, so don’t extend the meeting much past an hour.

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Always Be Consulting—here’s why:

  1. Giving a prospective client “free” advice and service before they agree to become a paying client demonstrates generosity and trust. It’s like a test drive.
  2. A favorable working session can dramatically increase the likelihood of converting a prospect into a client.
  3. It proves you can help them.
  4. If they choose to engage you, everyone involved knows it was probably the right decision because both sides could see exactly what the experience of working together will be like.
  5. It demonstrates you are interested in a long-term relationship, not a quick buck.

Remember, always be consulting and you’ll always be closing.

Do you have questions about training your staff how to improve their ability to secure more meetings with potential clients, or other marketing challenges? Please contact Jonathan Ebenstein at (440) 449-6800 or email Jonathan.

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