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SEO How-To: How to strategically improve your on-page optimization

Now that you know how to write web copy to support your website’s SEO, you’re ready optimize that copy even further for use on the Internet. By taking that web copy and adding in some on-page optimization tactics, you’ll be able to tell search engines exactly what topics your web pages cover and which keywords are most important on each individual web page.

On-page optimization is all about using your targeted keywords strategically. We talked in my previous blog (SEO How-To: How to write web copy that supports your website’s SEO) about doing keyword research, and then using your top targeted keywords two to three times throughout the copy. But, believe it or not, your keywords should be found in more places than just in the web copy.

Here are a handful of how-tos to improve your on-page optimization and take your SEO to the next level:

Headlines – This is probably the most obvious of the tips I’m going to cover. Your web page’s headline should become, as it's called in the web world, the H1 within that page. When text is put into a website and accompanied with that H1 tag, search engines automatically know that is the main topic discussed on that web page. Using your most important targeted keywords or search phrases in the headline ensures that search engines know which words you want to rank well for on each individual page.

Title tags – Title tags are also one of the most important ways to tell search engines what topics are covered on individual web pages. You’ve probably noticed title tags before, even if you didn’t know what they were. In the image below, you can see the title tags listed across the very top of the screen in the title bar, as well as in the tab within the browser.

On-Page Optimization - Title Tags - Improving Your SEO

With title tags, you get a little more flexibility and variation than with headlines. For this web page talking about market research services, as shown in the above example, we did our keyword research to find similar and related words and phrases to include. The headline reads "Market Research Services." But, the title tags include: "Market Research Services | Market Research Firms | Market Research Cleveland." These words are directly related to the topics on that page and, using keyword research, we know that these words that have search volume worth targeting. Plus, this gives you the ability to include your company's location in the page, telling search engine exactly where your services are offered.

seo-e-bookAlt tags – So, you’ve picked out the perfect picture to go along with the perfect web copy on your page. Did you know that a picture can help your keyword rank for that page, as well? But, this is only true if you attach an alt tag to the picture to tell search engines what is shown. As search engines crawl and index your webpages, they don't have eyes to see the pictures, but they can read the text that you attach to the image. Be sure to tell those search engines what they should be seeing.

Links to other pages on and off the site – Linking within text to other pages within your website encourages your visitors to continue looking deeper into your site. You don’t want them to leave right away, do you? Beyond that, linking within the text to pages that outside of your website sends your visitors to places where they will have access to more resources and information on the topics they’re already interested in. Putting links within your web copy, and making your targeted keywords the link itself, and linking to pages with related information, builds credibility for your site with search engines.

For more information on how to strategically improve your company's on-page optimization, post a message below or contact one of our Cleveland SEO services professionals by calling 440-449-6800. 

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