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SEO How-To: How to use a corporate blog to improve your website SEO

When done correctly, blogging can be a great (and cost-effective) way to supplement business goals. Yet, a lot of companies have yet to adopt blogging, because they don’t understand the value it can bring to their organization.

Here are some how-tos that explain what you should be doing to optimize your corporate blog for online searches, (and that will help your company get the most value from blogging):

  1. Do your keyword research. Using free tools like Google Keyword Tool, you can easily find out, exactly, how people are searching for the services or products that your company provides. By strategically choosing long-tail search terms (2-3 words), that have a moderate level of very targeted traffic, you can write using the words that people actually search for. And, these are the ones that will realistically bring in the most profit. Use these keywords in the headline, in the body copy, as alt tags in photos/videos, etc. to optimize the blog.
  2. Answer the questions that your clients ask you all the time.  Everyone has seen Q&A sections on websites. You probably already know a lot of the questions that your clients or potential clients have about your services. Ask yourself those questions, and then type up detailed answers. Chances are, other people are asking those same questions and, now, they can find you and your company when they find their answer.
  3. Add videos and photos. As I mentioned in one of my past blogs about on-page optimization tips, adding videos and photos can help you show up in searches, but only if you use alt tags to tell search engines what is shown. Plus, it just makes reading the blog a little more interesting.
  4. Share your blogs on social media accounts and in e-newsletter campaigns. These links might not help your SEO directly, but it does encourage visitors to your blog. Also, you should make sure your blogs can be easily shared via social media, (using share buttons, like the ones found at the bottom of this blog), so that readers can share your blogs with their online community for you.
  5. Put together a content calendar and blog regularly. Not only is it good for SEO, but regularly-released blogs also increase your visibility to your blogging community, your social media followers and your e-newsletter subscribers. Plus, when you put together a calendar that allows you to tackle blogging as a team, it spreads responsibility among several people, which eliminates the fear of time commitment among bloggers.
  6. Close your blog with a question, a link and your contact information. By doing all this, you will be encouraging readers to interact and follow-up with you. You should provide an appropriate link to your website, so they can read about that specific product or service. And, if they want to contact you with further questions, or to seek out your product or service, you’ve provided them with the information they need to do that.

seo-e-bookHow often does your company blog? And, do you have a calendar that spreads blogging responsibility among several employees? (see what I did there…)

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