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SEO How-To: How to write web copy that supports your website’s SEO

writing optimized web copy for your website

Writing web copy that is search engine optimized is an important piece to your website’s overall SEO. Creatively written copy, that uses the right keywords, is no daunting task. But, when done correctly, it can become one of the most important pieces to your online marketing plan.

Creating a search optimized website with separate and specific service pages gives you the opportunity to optimize each individual page for very specific and targeted keywords.

For example, if you had one page for “Marketing Services” and you offer 10 different marketing services, you would have a hard time choosing the words you want to focus on for that page. Creating separate pages for each of those services, such as SEO Services, Channel Marketing, Market Research, Visual Marketing, etc. allows you to select the proper amount of keywords for each of those individual services for each respective page.

How many keywords should you focus on for each web page? We suggest using about five or six targeted keywords per page, with a real focus on one or two of them. And, in writing the copy, you should find a way to use those keywords in a way that is reader-friendly, and that allows your targeted keywords to appear about three times on that page.

We’ve been helping our clients write optimized web copy for awhile. So, if you have any questions about writing optimized web copyon-page optimization or any of our other search marketing services including a free SEO report, please feel free to let us know. Leave a message below, or contact one of the professionals in our Strategic Marketing Services Group by calling 440-449-6800.

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