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From Skoda Minotti Intern to New Employee: My Journey

My Skoda Minotti internship was a valuable learning experience. School is mostly theory, so I can easily read a book or listen to a lecture and pass a test on the material, but it’s totally different putting those lessons to practice. I anticipated a lot more stress as I was interning during busy season, but it really wasn’t half as bad as I had imagined. I received praise for some of the projects that I worked on—a major boost to my confidence. I made close connections with many people at the firm, which was nice after coming from out of town.

I’m so glad that I was an intern at Skoda Minotti rather than a bigger firm because of the connections I was able to make. Doing the internship in January was greatly beneficial because I was able to get a true feeling of what it’s like to work as a public accountant. It ensured me that the past four years of college and studying to be an accountant weren’t a waste.


I think that the other interns and I went through many of the same emotions at the beginning. We were overwhelmed, a little bit shy and unsure of how to communicate with partners and project managers; however, given the quick pace, we got over it quickly. We went out on Fridays with some of the staff and senior staff, and they talked us through some of the things we were questioning. Also, it seemed as if each intern had one partner or project manager that they did most of the work for. For example, Sam did so much work for Larry, so when I did “Larry projects” I would ask Sam about the best way to communicate with Larry, or I would ask what Larry looks for in our work. In a way, we formed a team to get through the little stuff.

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Skoda Minotti Culture

Noting that it was the busiest time of the year, I thought that the employees would be reluctant to drop what they were doing to help me out, but everyone was so welcoming from day one. I learned quickly that Skoda Minotti functions as a big family. They communicate from office to office, from niche to niche, to make sure that they have the most accurate and up-to-date information for their clients.

Staff encourages questions, but they also push you to think in order to place emphasis on the fact that you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t smart enough to figure it out. If you’re having a rough time, someone is always there to let you vent regardless of how much work they have to do. Waking up and coming to work isn’t a burden—I actually am excited to see my coworkers each day, and I think that says a lot about the culture that Skoda Minotti prides itself on.

Transition from Intern to Full-Time Employee

The transition has been quite easy so far. I did get stressed out in my first couple weeks because I was trying to get back into the groove and relearn things, but we were quickly approaching the September 15 deadline, so time was limited. However, I’m doing the same type of work as I did as an intern, and it seems that what people expect of me now is comparable to what was expected of me then.

I am so glad I was an intern at Skoda Minotti. I put my best foot forward then, and although I’ll continue to do that, I think most of the people I worked with already have an idea of what I’m capable of doing.

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