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Skoda Minotti Internship Eases Path for Full-Time Employee

This past March I was fortunate enough to have been offered a full-time position with Skoda Minotti. Normally, new hires start in October or November. However, I was moving permanently to Ohio from Michigan, so Skoda Minotti allowed me to be an intern until they needed me full-time. Unlike the “norm” in the accounting world, I did not intern at Skoda Minotti previous to accepting an offer. From the research I had done on my own, and through the people I interviewed with, I really liked the culture of the firm and the opportunities available to me. After interning this summer, I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made last March.


Starting a new job anywhere can be overwhelming. However, the culture at Skoda Minotti made being the “new person” really easy. From day one, I, along with the other summer interns, felt a sense of belonging. Everyone has a positive outlook. Something else I learned over the summer is that Skoda Minotti truly has an open-door policy, even at the partner level. Being able to interact directly with partners and managers and have them rely on you is pretty cool for a 22- year-old.

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Everyone at Skoda Minotti is working toward the same goal: Delivering on the Promise. However, the direction you take toward achieving that goal is entirely up to you. One of the truly unique things about Skoda Minotti is the ability for everyone to build their own career. The firm has a variety of niches and involvement programs that, for the most part, are open to everyone. Essentially Skoda Minotti gives you the keys to the car and allows you to drive it in any which way you desire. I have not yet joined a one of the firm’s niche groups, but I know when the time comes, the opportunity will be there. As interns, we learned how to be successful business professionals, so that both the firm and the professionals can be successful.


Other than figuring out how health insurance works and how much I should invest in my 401(k), the transition to full-time was really easy due to the work I did earlier. As an intern, I was given the responsibilities and projects of a first-year staff accountant. Every project challenged me in different ways and allowed me to learn something new every day. Now that I am a full-time employee, I am still exposed to the same projects as when I was an intern, which makes the transition a lot less overwhelming. I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given and look forward to continuing to grow into a successful business professional and to find a way to always Deliver on the Promise.

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