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Social Media Marketing & Super Bowl XLVII: Incorporating Social Media Into Television Advertising

As a Browns fan, I'd really like to have a reason to watch the game other than the commercials…and even though rooting against the Ravens provided more motivation to watch, I was still more interested in the commercials. And, more importantly, which commercials incorporated social media – and several did.

In a recent blog post on why Instagram should have a place in your social media plan, we discussed holding contests and including custom hashtags. Oreo did just that, and they were the only advertiser to incorporate Instagram. In the commercial, Oreo fans debated over whether the best part of Oreos is the creme or the cookie. For the record, my vote is creme…but I digress. The call to action directed viewers to their Instagram account where they were instructed to post a picture with a tag for #cookiethis or #cremethis to vote. When the commercial aired, they had 17k followers; an hour and a half later, they had 31k. As of 10am today, they have over 36k followers and almost 16k photos are tagged either #cookiethis or #cremethis. Between this campaign and their quick and creative reaction to the power outage, Oreo made an impact both on television and online.

Numerous advertisers worked custom hashtags, beyond just their company or product name, into their commercials. Some examples are as follows:

  • Toyota ‘Wish Granted’ – In this commercial, Keley Cuoco stars as the Rav4 Genie and she grants a family wishes ranging from the son wanting to be an astronaut to the dad mistakenly receiving unlimited witches, not unlimited wishes. The closing screen included the hashtag #wishgranted which was included in tweets even before the Super Bowl since the commercial was released early.
  • ‘Wolf’ – Following a seamless car purchase, a couple tells the auto dealer they miss the drama that’s usually involved with buying a car. The dealer hands them what appears to be a puppy, but is actually a wolf cub and informs them that the cub’s overprotective mother is on the other side of the room. The hashtag assigned to this commercial is #nodrama, reinforcing the message of the commercial.
  • Bud Light ‘Voodoo’ – Featuring the icon who sang “Superstitious” in your commercial looking at how superstitious football fans can be? Genius. Including the custom tag #herewego in that ad? Right idea, and although the hashtag is pretty general and not closely tied with the main message of the commercial, the main message wasn’t really about beer so it’s fine.
  • Subway ‘A Story 15 Years in the Making’ – This star-studded commercial featured the most specific hashtag – #15yearwinningstreak. It’s been 15 years since Jared Fogle lost 245 pounds by eating two Subway sandwiches per day. He’s kept the weight off and this commercial celebrates the anniversary of his transformation – Subway tied the ad into the game by dubbing this a winning streak, though, not an anniversary. Nice touch. Feedback on Twitter is a mix of positive and negative; most of tweets including #15yearwinningstreak are related to the ad, though, which shows people took notice of the hashtag.

When launching a strategic marketing campaign, be sure to define goals for the campaign – i.e. driving traffic to your website, generating buzz, etc. – and select marketing tactics accordingly.

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