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Enhancing Your Company’s LinkedIn Presence: Customized Product/Service Pages

Companies have the option of adding information about up to 25 of their products and services right to their LinkedIn company page. Here’s a look at the customization options available, and how to implement those:

  • Go to your company’s page
  • Click on the Products/Services tab
  • Hover over the arrow to the right of the blue Edit button and pick Add product or service
  • Choose between a product a service by clicking the radio button next to Product or Service
  • Select a category from the drop-down menu under Select a category that best fits your product/service
  • Name your product or service by typing it in the Product or Service name box. What you type here, along with the 296 – yes, 296 – characters of the description, will show on the Product/Service home page.
  • Describe your product or service by typing it in the Description box. You have at least 1,500 characters to describe how your product or service’s benefits. Feel free to include website links; although they won’t be “hot,” users will be able to copy and paste them.
  • The List of key features allows you to list product or service features – this section can also be used to list sub-services. For example, our Strategic Marketing Services Group offers a variety of marketing services – we use the “key features” section to list those out, as you can see here.
  • Add a URL for this product or service by typing/pasting it into the Website box.
  • Add a contact from your company so that LinkedIn members can easily reach out if they have questions. Note: Company Page Admins can only add people that they are connected to on LinkedIn. To add a contact, type their name into a box under Contact us and select them from the list of profiles that is displayed.
  • Add a promotion for this product or service by typing, at a minimum, a title and brief description in the Create a special promotion section – if a website page exists to describe this promotion in more detail, enter that as well.
  • Add a YouTube video about this product or service and Add your YouTube video URL by entering those in the boxes labeled Title your video and YouTube Video URL.
  • Scroll back up to the top of the page and click Publish.

Now that your product/service pages are live, the next step is to ask your connections to recommend them – or provide an online testimonial, similar to the recommendations your connections can provide to you on a personal level. You can send requests to contacts by clicking on Request recommendations on the product/service page. While you can send multiple requests at once, I’d advise against that – since you’re asking for a favor, sending a customized, personalized message is worth the time.

Have questions about updating your company’s LinkedIn presence? Post a comment below or contact our Cleveland Social Media Agency at 440-449-6800. Or, click here to receive a free social media audit.

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